Sheep Shearing at Fibreshed Day – April 8, 2018

Thanks to Alexis Bach, who hosted this event at her FibreWorks Studio and Gallery in Madeira Park BC, it has been a successful third annual Fibreshed Day!

Paige, a trained sheep herding dog, gets attention from Reg.


Mojo appears to be relaxing at the sheep spa … his top brown BFL coat almost off. Johanna has been the shearer for Mojo all his life, they have a bonding relationship.


Rodney awaits his turn … little hands find warmth in his thick Romney coat.


Mojo looking sleek and silver post shearing.


A very happy Mojo receives a pat.


Next Rodney is checked into the spa … he has only known Johanna as his shearer.


Folk attending the third annual Sunshine Coast Fibreshed Day were enthralled by the shearing demo and to see where their clothes originate. Johanna discussed skirting the fleece, qualities and characteristics of a good fleece.


It was a successful day deserving of big smiles and a cup of coffee for a job well done!


Alexis is wearing a hap (shawl) made from local sheep – washed, picked, carded, spun, and knit by Doreen.


Photos and story submitted by Lynda Daniells

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