Wendy Drummond—Three Stone Soup Fibre Studio

1495 Sorenson Road, Lund, BC

email: wendy.drummond.cran@gmail.com

The underlying intent in my work is engaging fibre, heart, and story into every piece; increasing awareness and appreciation of sustainable, natural fibres; promoting the local fibre community; and advocating for the slow cloth/slow fashion movement.

What inspires my work? A tactile, warm and nurturing love of fibre! I once read that only human beings come into this world with the inability to survive the elements without creating his or her own covering. Working with natural fibres, cloth, and textiles is a joyous exploration into a very necessary commodity. Drawing on colours, textures, and images from all that surrounds us in nature and our everyday existence go into every piece . . . celebrations worth sharing!

What do I make? Statement pieces! Clothing, accessories, and gifts made with heart and embedded with stories, showcasing local fibre. With natural fibres, embellished with glass, shell, wood, and metal, my work is bold, reflective, with each piece expressive and unique, representing a commitment to Three Stone Soup’s vision.

I am a member of the Powell River Arts Council, Malaspina Art Society and BC Craft Council. I display my work locally through my studio in Lund, as well as Artique, Co-op Gallery in Powell River.