One Straw Fall Faire

Sunday, Oct 3, was a lot of fun at the Roberts Creek Community Hall with Andrew, Dorothy, Verna, Merrily and Lynda playing at the FS display.


We entered a contest for best dressed vegetable so got creative with fibre. Here is our Fibreshed Ms. Potato head.


Can you believe we didn’t win first prize? We were so relieved. Lotsa crazy fun though.


We featured local fibre producers and the abundance of Sunshine Coast fibre for the Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers blanket project.


A second table had local dyes with flowers, solar dye pots, including Deanna’s poke berries as well as fibre dyed with marigolds, Japanese Indigo and local mushrooms.


We sold three of the felted bird houses and a few balls of rovings in our Fibreshed marketplace.


On the clothes horse we displayed Grow Your Own Clothes with Doreen’s woven scarf a big attraction.


Lots of interest in Fibreshed and the Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers Guild. The Roberts Creek Honey folk offered us beeswax if we had a use for it. She thought we were doing such a great thing.


There was fresh from the ground veggies for sale, apples getting pressed into juice and nutritious food being served.


An enjoyable event charged with community spirit.
Lynda Daniells

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