New Equipment Available for Loan

We have just acquired two items that are very useful for preparing our local fibre. This is a blending board:

Made by Ashford, it is 12”x12” and comes with two dowels, two brushes, and a keel (adjustable stand). It is used to make rolags for spinning or batts for felting. Ashford has some useful videos about each technique. Note that our board is meant to be used only for Fibreshed fibre—locally produced (which can be from anywhere in BC) and dyed with local dye material.


Members can also borrow a skirting table, useful when first sorting and cleaning a sheared fleece.

Thanks to George Smith for making and donating this wooden frame, 32” x 24”, with wire mesh in the centre. This sits on plastic sawhorses, 30” high. Just lay a freshly sheared fleece over the top and skirt the outer layer. The wire allows unwanted VM bits to fall through.

To reserve either of these, please email our librarian.