LearnAlong—Knitted-In Mending


Mend: A Refashioning Manual and Manifesto by Kate Sekules

At our February LearnAlong, Catherine Nicholls, mender extraordinaire, walked us through the process of adding a visible patch to a knitted garment. This is one method of mending garments by making a visible repair, thus using it as an embellishment rather than attempting to hide it. Catherine explained every step in great detail, not an easy feat in the era of Zoom calls, and her clear images were most helpful.

Here is a pair of Catherine’s socks with new heels, an example of how tidy this mending method can look.

Merrily added a patch to the heel of a heavy wool sock she bought in Poland a few years ago. She likes to wear these in her hiking boots or around the house, and this patch will allow her to continue doing so for a few more years.

Lynda took what she learned on the day and evidently had fun taking care of many holey socks in need of repair.

Doreen added a heart-shaped patch to a handspun, handknit hat, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Ann had worn a double hole in the elbow of a favourite thirty-year-old cardigan, so her new elbow patch covers it nicely.


Daphne enjoyed our mending session and had a lot of laughs learning the process, including the fact that manufactured socks are very difficult to mend!

Our thanks to Catherine for teaching us a new way to mend our knitwear. She is planning a visible mending workshop at the Sunshine Coast Fibre Camp in September, and we can all look forward to learning more from her then.