Harvest Festival 2015

On September 6th the Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers Guild once again participated in the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden’s Harvest Festival.  Lynda D. and Merrily arrived at 8:30 and undertook the challenging task of setting up the two tents.  Despite the cool, overcast day a number of visitors stopped to look at our Sunshine Coast Fibreshed display, watch our spinners and participate in plant weaving.


The weaving was a big attraction as it is every year.  Ursula had worked hard over a couple of weeks to create a number of beautiful weavings in the trees by our display.


There was also a lower warp set up which attracted lots of young weavers.



As always there was interest in our Fibreshed display of local fibres and fibre dyed with local dyes.



Hands of all ages enjoyed touching our beautiful soft wool.


As part of our exhibit we had local unprocessed fleece and visitors could watch and participate in the process of carding by hand or drum carder.



With spinners and knitters hard at work, visitors could enjoy watching the whole process from fleece to carding, spinning and knitting into a piece of clothing.


Some young visitors had fun trying out a drop spindle.


At the Festival we also took the opportunity to present signs and tags to four new Certified Artisan Producers – Deanna, Merrily, Lynda D. and Heather.


It was a wonderful day of sharing our Guild’s interests and knowledge with the community.

Heather Apple
Photos by Heather Apple and Deanna Pilling

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