Fibreshed at the Yurts

Fibreshed has set up a display table at Fibreworks Studio and Gallery in Madeira Park, BC.

Lynda and Merrily proudly showing the Fibreshed emporium


The natural colours from the 2019 Fibreshed dye garden are featured, along with colours from local lichens and mushrooms.



On the shelves are items for sale, including batts, skeins, shawls, hats, buttons, ants . . . knitted, felted, and crocheted, all created by local artisans using local fibre and local dyes.




Come to the yurts after the official opening on June 27 to learn more about being a Fibreshed fibre producer or artisan . . . and to shop local.

We extend a big thank-you to Alexis Bach of Fibreworks Studio and Gallery for giving us this opportunity to showcase our members’ work.