We are indebted to our umbrella organization, Fibershed, who inspire us to practise sustainability with every clothing decision we make.

Their website describes the Fast Track to Slow Fashion, which we encourage you to read. On that page you will find the Fibershed Clothing Guide: A Menu of Actions and Options, which you can download here.

And to learn about all aspects of sustainable fashion, we highly recommend “Conscious Chatter,” a series of podcasts by a dedicated individual named Kestrel.

Mending was on the road to becoming a lost art, but thanks to growing awareness about the negative effects of “fast fashion,” more and more people are learning ways to make their clothing last longer.

When Covid restrictions are lifted and we can return to some semblance of “normal,” we hope to continue our practice of  frequent mending get-togethers. We had joined with the Gibsons Repair Café (the last Saturday of each month) in recognition that tending to our wardrobes helps reduce textile waste and keep non-compostable fabrics out of our landfills. Watch for announcements when we can continue with this worthwhile and satisfying endeavour.