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LearnAlong—Mending Bar

Mending is often a task that gets put aside, with the risk that the mending basket can overflow to the point of being overwhelming. What better way to tackle this than to set aside a few hours when people can get together and turn the mending into a social occasion? We did just that for […]

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Coast Life Article on our Fibreshed

In October of last year, talented Sunshine Coast writer and photographer Christina Symons interviewed and photographed the Fibreshed team and shepherdess Wendy Gilbertson.  This resulted in an article in the Winter 2015/16 issue of Coast Life and a front page photo of Merrily Corder with Wendy’s Romney sheep Rodney. The article has brought our Fibreshed […]

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Summer on the Porch

What a wonderful time of year to begin our Fibreshed’s very first blog! Aahh, summer. . . when we return to outdoor living, enjoying those summer breezes and dining al fresco. I have always been an outdoor girl who now enjoys a small home with a large garden and my wonderful large porch, which I […]

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