Category: SCSWG’s Blanket Project (ANWG 2017)

More Milling in the Fibrehood

Another fleece donated by Happy Chick Farm hit the tub in Merrily’s backyard. Merrily and Lynda separated out the darker coloured fleece and washed it separately. All hanging to dry now. A few days later, the fibrehoodies gathered at Dorothy’s to pick and card, pick and card.  Andrew and Lynda are putting the recently washed […]

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Milling in the Fibrehood

Recently I visited Happy Chick Farm on Highland Road in Gibsons.  Johanna had sheared the sheep the previous week and the fleeces were hanging on the fence. I came home with three bags full of the fleeces which Heidi and Lee generously donated to the Fibreshed.  They were delighted that the wool from their sheep […]

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