Coast Colours – Arbutus Bark

The beautiful arbutus tree (Arbutus menziesii) is one of the distinctive features of the Sunshine Coast.  Canada’s only native broadleaf evergreen grows in areas where the soil is rocky and drains rapidly and is often found along rocky shorelines.  It can also be found growing in residential areas.  The flowers, which open in April and […]

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Coast Colours – Alder Bark

The plants and mushrooms from our gardens and wild spaces on the Sunshine Coast offer us many beautiful colours for dyeing fabric and fibre.  This blog is the beginning of a series which will explore and document dyeing with local plants and mushrooms.  I hope that other local dyers will add their dyeing experiences. Alders […]

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Fibre Circle Video

The raw fleeces sheared from the Icelandic sheep (see blog November 10) became the focus of a newly formed Fibre Circle hosted and facilitated by Yvonne Stowell at the FibreWorks Studio and Gallery.  We met for two days to learn how to skirt, wash, comb, card and spin this beautiful fibre.  (See the upcoming blog […]

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Shearing of the Icelandic Sheep

In the blog posting of June 23, 2014 we met Leila Bee’s four Icelandic sheep – Prince, Belle, Roxy and Ginger.  This fall the sheep were sheared – an exciting step in the Fibreshed’s goal of greater fibre self-sufficiency on the Sunshine Coast. Ron McInnis of Imaginary Image created a beautiful video recording this event. […]

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Dyeing at the 6th Annual Mushroom Festival

On October 18th the Pender Harbour Community Hall was filled with visitors to the Sunshine Coast Mushroom Society’s sixth annual Mushroom Festival.  It was a wonderful event celebrating the rich diversity of mushrooms that grow on the Sunshine Coast. Members of the Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers Guild volunteered to demonstrate dyeing with mushrooms. We […]

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Dyeing at the Yurts

Yvonne Stowell, artist and owner of FiberWorks Studio and Gallery, is a beloved and valued member of our fibre arts community, inspiring and mentoring us.  She hosts exhibitions, workshops and spin-ins in the yurts of her Studio and Gallery. This summer the deck outside the yurts was brightened by planters filled with colourful dye plants.  […]

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