The One Straw Society’s Fall Faire

On October 3rd the Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers Guild had a display at the One Straw Society’s Fall Faire.  The Faire was a celebration of community, local ecologically sound sustainability and the harvest of local food producers. There were booths with delicious baked goodies, herbal remedies, seeds and plants and a diversity of locally grown […]

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Marigold Shooting Star Balls

The celebration of festivals is an important part of education at the Waldorf schools.  Michaelmas is celebrated as the “festival of courage”.  It falls at the time of the year when the earth travels through the tail end of the late summer meteor showers and the northern hemisphere starts to tilt away from the sun.  […]

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Harvest Festival 2015

On September 6th the Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers Guild once again participated in the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden’s Harvest Festival.  Lynda D. and Merrily arrived at 8:30 and undertook the challenging task of setting up the two tents.  Despite the cool, overcast day a number of visitors stopped to look at our Sunshine Coast […]

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Nuno Felting: a Creative Fibre Weekend

First Workshop: Introduction to Nuno Felting On June 12th Marie Claire and I attended the workshop Introduction to Nuno Felting as facilitated by Jill Denton from Devon, England.  Jill’s exciting body of work titled Maids and Meadows was showcased at FibreWorks Studio & Gallery and enticed us to register for the first of two workshops […]

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Dyeing with Japanese Indigo

This is the third summer that some members of our Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers Guild have grown and dyed with Japanese indigo.  In mid-July five of us gathered together to dye using the vinegar method.  The indigo was growing in garbage pails with three plants per pail.  We cut the stems just above a […]

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Coast Colours – Horsetail

Horsetail (Equisetum sp.) is a living fossil.  Those of us who find it as an uninvited guest in our gardens can be thankful it doesn’t grow 30 metres high like some of its ancestors in the Paleozoic forests.  It’s also called scouring rush as the stems are coated with abrasive silicates and the plants were […]

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